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  • Mere et Fille

    Mere et Fille (Mother & Daugther)


    Airing since June 3rd 2012 on the Disney Channel Tv channel, the shortcom Mother and Daughter is a humoristic series which ambition is to break any stereotyped vision of the common idea of the relationship between parents and their teens/ the parent-teen Relationship. Barbara is a teenage girl who just turned 14 years old. Isabelle, her 39 years old mother is divorced and has trouble seing the years go by and her daughter grow up. Until now, they used to live a harmonic, quiet life based on trust and (fusion). This balance finds itself weakenned by an intruder who came into their lives without warning : (l’adolescence) ! Isabelle will have to deal with her « new » daughter : changing mood, break-downs, whims, needs of indépendance, volubility, Barbara is growing or what seems to be bringing about a révolution… And because Isa herself finds it hard to know what’s going on with her life at the dawn of her 40’s, family life promises to be shook up…
    With Lubna Gourion and Isabelle Desplantes, the series also welcomes many guests such as Baptiste Giabiconi, Alain Bouzigues or Nathalie Simon.

    Director : Stéphane Marelli
    DP : Greg Ohrel
    Characters : Lubna Gourion, Isabelle Desplantes
    Productions : J2F Productions, Yaka Productions